As an English major, I have published writings for various outlets including: The Daily Nexus, UC Education Abroad Program, and the English Broadside Ballad Archives.


Books are my passion! With my major, I am exposed to lots of books, but some of my favorite genres include fantasy, science fiction, and drama.

Graphic Designer

Pursuing the Multimedia Writing track enables me to bolster my knowledge on apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I hope to one day use these skills in a digital design or imaging careerpath.

EBBA Assistant

Arnhold Scholar

UCEAP Intern

EBBA Research Assistant

I work in the English Department with the English Broadside Ballad Archives (EBBA) doing transcription work on 17th century British ballads. I help promote one of the largest, free, digital humanities archives to make this information accessible to researchers and general public alike. I've worked here since my junior year, and was recently added on as a paid Research Assistant.The Early Modern Center in South Hall serves as my workspace, where I have access to Photoshop to complete my digital works. I identify typefonts, such as blackletter and whiteletter, within selected ballads and transcribe them into legible english. This job gives me fresh insight into a well-overlooked part of printed history and I'm proud to be part of such an accomplished team.

Arnhold Scholar

Currently pursuing a research project with creative poetry in the Arnhold Program curtesy of the UCSB English Department. Under the guidance of Professor Sowoon Kim and graduate advisors, I have combined my strengths for creative writing and digital design to create poems about neuroscience. I attended a field trip to the Getty Museum (pictured) where I saw several rare pieces of poetry for inspiration. I intend on incorporating my knowledge of Japanese Kanji into my project to convey pictographic symbolism of the human mind. I intend on showcasing my work at the beginning of June, where there will be national and international representatives from other research universities.

UCEAP Intern

Interning with the UC Education Abroad Program, I channel my enthusiasm for travel by promoting events and information sessions for prospective students. By attending student orientations and connecting with fellow EAP alumni, the internship is a great chance for me to connect with peers that had similar experiences. I take every opportunity to share my love for my study abroad country, Japan, for all students that are interested in studying there.